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PesoBuffet is the leading online lending service provider in the Philippines credit market. This application has been working for a long time. Therefore, the credibility and quality of this lending institution is indisputable.

Currently PesoBuffet is providing a lot of loan packages for you to choose from. Loan packages can be mentioned such as: loan by ATM card, loan by electricity and water bill, quick loan via insurance, salary loan…

If you are still confused about the above loan packages or are looking for a more suitable loan package, please call the hotline team of the application directly. They will provide financial advice and the most suitable loan package for you. Thanks to these tips, you won’t have to think about how to repay your loan after taking out a loan, and you won’t be afraid to send your money late.

Refer to some information about PesoBuffet

Currently, PesoBuffet’s lending service is recognized as one of the fastest online lending services. Support users who need loans for educational and aesthetic purposes… This service is currently highly appreciated by many people because it brings users a lot of benefits that are difficult to translate in the current lending market.

Simplify loan documents and procedures

Ordinary loan documents you often know when participating in loans at banks will often be very cumbersome and troublesome. You will need to prepare a lot of things to be able to get a loan from the bank. However, when borrowing at PesoBuffet, you will only need to prepare your identification and the bank account that you are using.

No mortgage of property

Besides, when borrowing here, you do not need to mortgage personal or family assets to be able to borrow money. You just need to register the application as we described in the previous section to proceed with the loan application.

Get a free loan consultation

When borrowing money, sometimes you will feel very confused with the loan. Without specialized knowledge of finance, it can be difficult to understand the difference between each loan. From there, you won’t be able to know which loan is best for your income situation.

High loan limit

Compared to today’s online lending institutions, each institution only lends from a few hundred to several tens of millions, at most twenty million. However, PesoBuffet understands that sometimes with such a small loan, you will not solve a problem. So, after a long time of thinking, PesoBuffet has come up with an extremely attractive loan limit. Specifically, you will be able to borrow from 100₱ to a maximum of 21000₱ for a single loan.

The loan term is suitable for most loans

With a fairly high loan limit, this application also increases the user’s loan period from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 36 months, equivalent to 3 years. With that much time, you will definitely pay off the loan without having to think too much.

The interest rate depends on the loan amount

Depending on the loan limit and package, you will have a separate interest rate. However, according to information published at the PesoBuffet website interface, you will receive an interest rate from 10% to up to 20%/year. Besides, if you choose a 1-month interest rate, the interest you receive will be calculated monthly at 1.7%/month.

Loan application approved in the same day

At PesoBuffet loan application, you will not have to wait too long to approve a loan application like other lending institutions. Support same-day loan approval with AI artificial intelligence technology software. Each of your loan applications is quickly approved by PesoBuffet. Similarly, the general staff is always on hand to help you get a loan.

Above are important information you need to know about PesoBuffet loan application before applying for a loan here. We hope that you will be able to have the best loan experience when applying for a loan at this lender.

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