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Mocasa is an online lending application in the Philippines market. The mobile-integrated app provides cash loan services based on advanced technology. When customers need to borrow money, they can simply download the app and register to easily obtain a successful loan.

As a safe and reputable loan app developed by a well-known financial company in the Philippines, Mocasa complies with legal regulations and has received high ratings from many customers. When choosing to borrow money from Mocasa, you will:

  • Flexibly choose a credit limit suitable for individual needs.
  • The registration and approval process is conducted directly through the app. Therefore, even busy customers can easily borrow successfully.
  • The app supports customers with interest rates ranging from 1% upwards.
  • Customers’ applications are quickly reviewed and disbursed instantly. Within less than 50 minutes, the amount will be transferred to the customer’s account.
  • The app automatically calculates the repayment amount through the loan. Therefore, customers can fully understand the costs and proactively handle the situation, avoiding unwanted surprises.
  • Participating in borrowing at the system, customers will be guaranteed absolute safety of personal information. All data will be securely protected through state-of-the-art technology systems, absolutely not leaked outside.
  • The system has developed advisory services to provide attentive support. Customers can contact for any inquiries.

Overview of loan products:

Mocasa supports flexible loan limits for customers to choose from ₱500 – ₱25,100, with free transactions. Loan terms range from 91 days to 120 days with the lowest interest rate of 1% per year. The highest interest rate is around 25% per year with no transaction fees.

However, to be able to participate in borrowing through the app, customers must meet the following conditions:

  • Install the app on your phone.
  • Have a bank account.
  • Have a stable job and income.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have identity verification documents for loan registration.
  • Accept all terms and policies provided by the system.

Guide to borrowing money

So how can you borrow money through the Mocasa app? Don’t worry about this issue, with its simple, user-friendly, and intelligent design, you can successfully do it. Here’s a more detailed guide:

S1: Download the Mocasa app to your device. The app is now integrated on Android and iOS so you can download it easily.

S2: Open the app and proceed to create your personal account. To do this, click on register and enter the relevant information, including:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Enter your account number.
  • Enter information about the bank account linked to the app.

S3: On the main interface, select the borrowing section. Then enter the loan package information and submit it to the app for approval.

S4: Now, wait for Mocasa to check and approve the loan application. The result will be verified in about 50 minutes. You will receive the loan amount through Internet Banking.

Note: Once you borrow money through this app, you need to carefully read all the information, terms, and conditions that the system publishes. Moreover, if there are any problems during the transaction process, remember to contact customer service for assistance.

The Mocasa app is indeed an effective solution for customers in urgent need of financial assistance. However, compared to the actual interest rate, borrowing money through the app may be somewhat higher. Therefore, be sure to calculate carefully before participating in borrowing.

For Example

91-days loan with interest rate of 12%, and principal amount is ₱10,000
Total Interest fee: ₱10,000 x 12% : 365 x 91= ₱299.17
Service fee: 0 ₱
Total repayment : ₱10,000 x 12% : 365 x 91+10000= ₱10299.18
Monthly repayment: ₱10,299.18/3= ₱3433.07



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