If you urgently need money but hesitate to borrow from friends or family, you can choose to borrow money online through the Pesoplus app. Here, you will be supported with rapid loan disbursement rates, making it the safest option.
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Pesoplus is one of the reputable and high-quality online lending platforms in the Philippines. Since its launch, Pesoplus has always provided its customers with the most convenient experiences, including:

  • Pesoplus supports automatic loan disbursement rates of up to 95.2%.
  • Ensures quick loan service delivery.
  • Simple loan conditions, only requiring proof of identity verification documents and an active bank account to successfully borrow money.
  • Supports low-interest loans, flexible borrowing periods, and various attractive incentive policies.
  • The app commits to ensuring privacy rights and securing personal information for all customers.
  • Provides professional customer service support, ready to serve customers anytime, anywhere.
  • The loan application process is entirely conducted online, reducing the complexity of paperwork.
  • Supports fast loan disbursement, increasing flexibility and saving time in receiving the loan.

Detailed information about Peso Plus:

Pesoplus currently offers online loan packages with many attractive incentives. Therefore, when choosing loan packages on this app, you will quickly meet various financial needs, including:

  • Loan limit: Minimum loan amount of ₱ 500 and a maximum of up to ₱ 45,000.
  • Minimum loan term: 91 days.
  • Maximum loan term: 180 days.
  • Interest rate: The loan interest rate ranges from 0% per year to 18.66% per year.
  • Eligible borrowers: Filipino citizens aged 20 to 60 years.
  • Document requirements: Valid proof of identity documents and a bank account in use.
  • Income proof: Provide sufficient documents to prove stable income to ensure repayment of the loan when due.

Guide to Loan Application Procedure

The loan application procedure on the Peso Plus app follows a specific process. Therefore, to ensure successful borrowing whenever you need it, you need to complete the following steps correctly:

Step 1: Install the Pesoplus app

Currently, the Pesoplus app has updated download links on platforms such as Android. Therefore, you only need to access each platform on your phone to easily download the loan app. Then, proceed to install the app for easy use.

Step 2: Register for a loan account

Once you have successfully installed the Pesoplus app, open the program. On the app interface, click on the registration section and complete all personal information as required:

  • Full name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Account password. …

When the registration form is filled with complete information, continue to press the registration button below to activate your Pesoplus account.

Step 3: Complete the loan application

Once you have a Pesoplus account, log in to your account. Then, complete the information in your personal profile, including income and employment. To proceed, verify your information by providing photos of proof of identity documents, portrait photos, and location verification.

Step 4: Submit the loan application

Finally, select the amount and loan term suitable for your own needs and conditions. Once you have completed these steps, simply confirm and submit your application. Within less than 6 minutes, Pesoplus will transfer the money to your account.

Loan Amount = PHP 1000
Loan Tenure = 365
Annual Interest Rate = 25,00%
Total Interest= PHP 250
Total Amount= PHP 1250

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