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In the Philippines market, there is an increasing number of online lending apps being launched. Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages to cater to the needs of customers. However, when it comes to reputable, top-notch online loan apps, the name that always stands out is Credit Cash.

The online lending app is developed with the purpose of providing necessary loans to customers in urgent situations. With its easy registration process and rapid disbursement, customers can receive instant cash for their desired loans. It can be said that the presence of this app is indeed a perfect solution for customers facing financial constraints.


Credit Cash is highly regarded by many customers today due to the advantages it brings. Compared to many other online lending apps, Credit Cash is evaluated as:

  • The app offers flexible loan limits with high values to meet the needs of all customers.
  • The loan process is simple, with minimal requirements and procedures.
  • Filipino customers do not need collateral or proof of any related assets.
  • Credit Cash allows customers with bad debts to participate in borrowing.
  • The approval and disbursement process is super-fast. Within less than 30 minutes, customers can receive the money in their hands.
  • Credit Cash app also offers many other promotional programs for borrowers. The aim is to help borrowers save small amounts when making future payments.
  • Customers can transact and make payments through various support channels, including bank transfers, electronic wallets, etc.
  • All login information to the Credit Cash app is secured by advanced and modern technology systems. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about the issue of information leakage.
  • The app is developed and undergoes thorough scrutiny with clear origins, strictly adhering to legal regulations. Absolutely, the app rejects fraud and exploitation of customers.

Details of Credit Cash loan package:

At the Credit Cash app, customers will enjoy loans with limits ranging from ₱ 450 to ₱ 50,000. The loan term ranges from 91 days to 181 days. The maximum preferential interest rate is around 20% + per year, with no service fees or other charges.

To help you easily calculate when choosing a loan amount and interest costs, here is a specific example. Suppose you borrow around ₱ 14,000 with a loan term of 150 days and an annual interest rate of 12%. At this point, according to calculations, the costs are as follows:

  • Monthly Interest = ₱ 14000*12% : 36530 = ₱ 138
  • Monthly amount of payment = ₱ 14000*12% : 365*30 + ₱ 14000 : 150*30 = ₱ 2938
  • Total Interest = ₱ 14000*12% : 365*150 = ₱ 690
  • Total amount of payment = ₱ 14000 + ₱690 = ₱ 14690

Tips for Participating in Online Lending through the Credit Cash App

The process of borrowing money through the app is very simple and easy. However, remember to keep in mind a few tips shared below to enhance effectiveness. Specifically:

Before using the service, take the time to carefully read and understand all information about the loan products, interest rates, limits, and terms.

Thoroughly research the borrowing conditions of the app. The system specifies:

  • Age for borrowing: 18 – 60 years old.
  • Income: Minimum ₱100/month.
  • Employment status: Employed.
  • Documents: All types of Philippine nationality identity documents.
  • Other requirements: Bank account. …

When registering for a Credit Cash account, make sure to enter accurate personal information carefully. This is the basis for the system to confirm your loan application.

Don’t forget to download the Credit Cash app to your device.

Credit Cash is indeed a perfect solution for those in urgent need of financial assistance. However, you should note that compared to bank interest rates, this app offers slightly higher interest rates. Therefore, remember to calculate carefully before choosing to borrow money.

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