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Pautang Peso is one of the most popular online lending applications today. It is considered the fastest loan application through online registration and approval. Based on modern technology platforms, the application supports new, professional and distinctive financial services for customers. Let’s explore this loan support application in detail now with LoanApp.Store:

About the Pautang Peso App for loan support

Pautang Peso is an application developed by the most reputable financial company in the credit sector. Unlike other quick loan applications, customers can both borrow money and easily open a loan account here. Therefore, people can optimize their financial limits effectively.

Although it has only been present in the market for a few years, the Pautang Peso App has quickly established its brand. Borrowing money here does not take too much time to prepare documents or wait for approval. With just a few simple steps and waiting for about 15 minutes, you can borrow ₱8100 right away.

Not stopping there, the interest rate here is extremely favorable, ranging from a minimum of 15% per year to a maximum of 19% per year. All calculation processes are supported by dedicated staff, and are transparent and clear. The interest rate is also calculated based on the amount borrowed and the repayment time, so customers can proactively choose the desired loan option.

In addition, the application offers a variety of unsecured loan forms to satisfy the needs of diverse customers. For example, borrowing based on income, salary, or car loan packages…

Loan requirements at Pautang Peso

In addition to impressive advantages when borrowing at Pautang Peso, loan requirements are also certified to be compliant with Philippine laws, but do not require too much compared to other loan applications. Therefore, when participating in capital raising, people do not have to worry about encountering any uncertainties while implementing. The specific conditions for loan registration are:

  • Philippine nationality and residing within the territory
  • Meeting the required age range from 20-60 years old
  • Having a stable income of at least ₱50 per month
  • No bad credit history with banks or other financial institutions.

Pautang Peso loan application guide

So how can you successfully apply for a loan at Pautang Peso? In addition to meeting the above conditions for effective borrowing, follow the basic instructions below:

Step 1: Download the app

First, you need to download the Pautang Peso APK version to your phone. Currently, the app is supported on application stores, so you can download it directly to your device without much hassle. Download directly at this website

Step 2: Confirm your information

To confirm your information, take a selfie of yourself. Then you provide additional personal verification documents for the application to verify your identity.

Step 3: Choose a loan package

Here, the system will provide and introduce you to the unsecured loan services that are currently available. You just need to read and refer to them and then choose the appropriate loan service. Then you click on the loan amount, credit card, digital signature, etc. that you need.

Step 4: Confirm the result

At this point, you can choose the amount you want to borrow, the loan package, and the borrowing time. If you are a new customer, you need to perform income verification. The verification documents are: Salary, electricity bill, place of residence…

Step 5: Approval

Finally, you just need to fill in complete and accurate information related to your bank account. Then the system will send you a confirmation code to verify the contract. So in just 24 hours, you will receive the money as you wish.

Pautang Peso repayment

When you have a specific loan, how do you repay the loan? Basically, you do not need to worry about this issue. Because Pautang Peso is integrated with diverse payment channels, creating maximum convenience for customers. In which, you can proactively choose to repay the loan through forms such as:

  • Online payment: Payoo online, online banking, e-wallet
  • Cash payment
  • Automatic payment through bank debit.

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