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In today’s world, the rapid development of information technology has spurred the growth of services across all sectors, and the financial support sector is no exception: direct lending methods are gradually being replaced by online lending.

Traditional borrowing procedures often involve complex processes and consume considerable time, yet their effectiveness remains limited. Online borrowing methods have emerged to address these drawbacks, offering numerous advantages to customers. Many financial companies provide this service, among which Surity Cash stands out as one of the most reputable providers of loan apps today. However, many customers still harbor concerns about this online borrowing method.

What does Surity Cash offer?

SurityCash is a well-known name for those who have utilized fast loan services. The company specializes in providing financial support for unsecured loans through both online and offline channels.

Primarily recognized for its online loan services, this avenue represents the most robust segment of the company’s rapid lending market. The company continually enhances the quality of its online loan services and further develops this aspect of their business.

Borrowing unsecured loans at SurityCash

Borrowing at Surity Cash is similar to other unsecured loans… it’s a form of borrowing where individuals don’t need to provide collateral, salary statements, or have a guarantor; they rely solely on their personal credibility to secure their desired amount.

With borrowing limits ranging from ₱100 to ₱25,000, flexible repayment periods, and highly advantageous interest rates, the SurityCash app has positioned itself among the top reputable and widely used loan apps today.

Here are some loan details you can consider:

Borrowing Limits: Currently, customers can borrow amounts ranging from ₱1,000 to ₱25,000.

Interest Rate: 1.4% per month (approximately 19% per annum).

Repayment Period: 91-150 days.

However, these figures may vary for certain groups. For instance, students might receive a 30% interest rate discount on all loans they apply for.

To get in touch with the app, you can use the following methods:

  • Customers can visit the main headquarters located at: 11th Floor Trade Ave Coherco Financial Tower, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City.
  • Customers can contact via hotline at 201910185 or email at [email protected].
  • Alternatively, customers can visit the website.

Loan conditions via SurityCash app

  • Customers must be citizens of the Philippines or residing and working in the Philippines.
  • Customers should fall within the working age range.
  • Customers must possess valid identification documents such as ID cards, passports, etc., still in legal use.
  • Customers need to provide evidence of stable income and sufficient repayment capability.
  • Customers must have a valid phone number and a primary bank account for convenient communication and disbursement purposes.
  • Additional documentation may be required as requested by the lending institution.

Does borrowing through Surity Cash support individuals with bad debt?

In some online lending institutions, customers applying for loans are required not to have existing bad debts or a history of bad debts. Other institutions impose stringent conditions, allowing loans only if the applicant doesn’t fall into the bad debt category and can provide evidence, such as salary slips or bank account statements.

With a strong commitment to assisting customers to the best of its ability, Surity Cash doesn’t have as strict criteria as other lending apps. It supports lending to all customers who meet the requirements, including those with bad debts.

However, for customers with bad debts, the company categorizes them into groups to ensure better control and tailor the loan amount to the customer’s repayment capability.

For customers with prolonged bad debts and no signs of repayment, the company will carefully consider loan limits, which might not be high.

For customers with smaller bad debts and shorter repayment periods, the company will assess and consider lending amounts similar to regular customers or possibly less, depending on the customer’s situation.

Fast Loan Process at Surity Cash App

Step 1: Access the official website or download the app from

Step 2: Enter your phone number on the system and click ‘I want to borrow money’ to register for a loan. Then confirm the OTP code sent to your phone.

Step 3: Choose the desired loan amount and the extension of the repayment period.

Note: It’s crucial to carefully consider and select a loan amount that suits your work purposes, financial situation, and repayment capabilities to avoid falling into bad debt.

Step 4: Complete personal information: Fill in all required personal details such as full name, date of birth, gender, ID card number, permanent address, occupation, work address, etc.

Note: To expedite and ease the approval process, ensure accurate and complete personal information.

Rest assured, this information is strictly confidential, known only to you and the company, so there’s no need to worry about data leaks. Try to provide detailed information for quick processing.

Step 5: Loan confirmation: Customers need to take pictures of both sides of their ID card and a portrait photo, then record a video uploaded to the system to authenticate the loan.

Note: This is a crucial step. Skipping it will result in failure to verify your identity, and your application will be canceled. Ensure your ID card and photos are clear and follow the system’s instructions for approval.

Step 6: The system will receive your registration, and the lending party will review and assess your application. If approved, customers will receive the disbursed amount on the same day.

If any errors occur during the application process or if you’re unsure how to proceed, contact the company’s hotline. Staff members are always available to assist and guide you through the registration process.

Is borrowing from Surity Cash a scam?

This is a matter of great concern for many customers because recently, several online lending apps have employed sophisticated tactics to deceive and defraud, causing anxiety and fear among customers.

So, does Surity Cash scam its users? The definite answer is no. Although relatively new, this lending app has consistently been a trusted and quality application among customers in recent years. Many customers trust and repeatedly use their services, coming back for second or third-time loans.

To meet customer needs and desires, the company continuously innovates, upgrades, and improves its services, aiming to provide a more satisfying experience.

Note: There are fraudulent apps impersonating official ones to tarnish the company’s reputation and quality. Therefore, if you intend to borrow from Surity Cash, ensure you thoroughly research and only register on the company’s legitimate website and app.

Most of the questions have been addressed in the analysis above. However, if customers still seek further detailed information, they can contact the company’s hotline, where dedicated staff will enthusiastically guide and answer their queries.

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With the information about Surity Cash, I hope it provides you with a solution for your current difficulties. While every lending app has its pros and cons, I believe this is a reliable application for your use. However, how you use it sensibly depends on you.