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Pesokwento is one of the increasingly popular electronic wallet applications today, offering unique and convenient features to help users easily manage and transact various types of cryptocurrencies. This application provides quick and easy loans for customers in the Philippines. You can apply for loans online and receive funds within a few hours ranging from 1500 pesos to 60,100 pesos. One notable feature of the app is that it does not require income verification documents or important paperwork typically requested by traditional banks.

Features of Pesokwento:

  1. Storage and management of funds: The app offers users the ability to store and manage various cryptocurrencies on a single platform. This allows users to effectively and conveniently manage their assets.
  2. Simple and user-friendly interface: The app is designed with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access features quickly. Additionally, the interface is optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to conveniently use the app on their smartphones.
  3. Security and safety: Pesokwento prioritizes the security and safety of its users. Security features include PIN codes, two-factor authentication, QR codes, electronic signatures, etc., ensuring that users’ assets are always protected from theft or loss.

Overall, Pesokwento provides a secure and user-friendly platform for managing cryptocurrencies and accessing quick loans without the hassle of extensive documentation.

Some notable features:

Quick registration and approval: To borrow money through the app, you simply need to access the company’s app and register for an account. The registration process is very straightforward and quick, taking only a few minutes. After registration, you will be approved immediately.

Large loans, high interest rates, and fees: The loans provided by Pesokwento typically come with higher interest rates and fees compared to conventional loans. Therefore, you should carefully consider and research before deciding to borrow money.

Convenient payments: Pesokwento offers various convenient payment methods, including electronic wallets and bank transfers. You can make payments online through prominent electronic wallets in the Philippine market or directly transfer to the company’s bank account. The payment process is fast and convenient.

Loan support entity, not lending partner: Pesokwento is a platform utilizing technology to support online lending services, connecting borrowers with lending partners. However, the company is not a lending partner but rather a loan support entity. The identification of lending partners depends on the company’s decision and is not publicly disclosed.

Advantages of Using the Loan App:

  1. Simplicity and convenience: Pesokwento offers a fast and easy online borrowing experience. Simply access the website, register for an account, and apply for a loan online to receive immediate funding.
  2. No income proof or residency requirements: You don’t need to provide extensive documentation to prove your income or residency like with other traditional lending services. This speeds up the registration and approval process.
  3. Competitive interest rates: The app provides competitive interest rates compared to other online lending services in the market. You can view detailed interest rates and service fees on the company’s website for accurate information.
  4. Short borrowing period: Loans from Pesokwento are typically used for short periods, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. This helps you avoid long-term debt and meet short-term financial needs.

Challenges of Using the Loan App:

  1. Limited loan amounts: Currently, the maximum loan amount is 60,100 pesos. This limits options for individuals needing larger loans.
  2. Not suitable for large loans: Pesokwento caters to users needing small amounts for short periods. Therefore, if you require a large loan for an extended period, the app may not be suitable for your needs.
  3. Low application approval rates: Similar to other online lending services, the app may have low application approval rates. This could result in your application not being approved when applying for a loan online.


We hope this article has provided you with comprehensive information about Pesokwento and helped you make the best choice for your needs. If you require quick and easy borrowing without extensive procedures, this is a suitable option.

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