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Oxloan Pro is currently a highly sought-after name across various forums and lending platforms. So what makes this name so popular?

Oxloan Pro is an online lending application offering a variety of loan packages to meet the diverse consumer needs. All loan registration processes and loan contracts are conducted entirely on the online application, saving borrowers a lot of time.

The disbursement process is remarkably fast, taking less than 17 minutes from the time of registration to receiving the money, including the time for application review. Moreover, being an online lending app, all you need to borrow money is a phone or computer with internet connection, making the loan application process extremely convenient.

Outstanding Features

Currently, Oxloan Pro is not the only exclusive online lending application in the market. Alongside it, there are many other apps with the same purpose operating. However, Oxloan Pro remains the most sought-after name and the top choice for most people when they need consumer loans. The simple reason is:

  • Convenience: Convenience is the primary factor influencing borrowers’ decisions. Because most people opt for online lending to quickly solve their urgent tasks. Understanding this mindset, the app has been designed with utmost convenience, featuring an automated application approval system and easy loan conditions, resulting in almost everyone who applies being quickly approved.
  • Credibility: Besides convenience, credibility is also a prominent feature that gives the app an edge. All policies and terms are transparently disclosed, ensuring maximum customer rights. Additionally, the information provided by customers is guaranteed to be 100% secure, so borrowing money from this app can give you complete peace of mind knowing that your information will never be compromised.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere: Whenever you need to borrow money, you can simply fill out the registration information and send it in. Whether it’s midnight, a holiday, or the weekend, your application will still be processed quickly, and you’ll receive your funds promptly.
  • No collateral required: The app’s loan packages are all unsecured, meaning you’re not required to pledge any assets.


As mentioned above, the loan conditions set by the app are quite lenient. Looking at these conditions, we can confidently say that 99% of you here can easily meet them. The specific conditions are:

  • Reside in Nigeria.
  • Have valid identification documents, and it must be in your name.
  • Age from 20 and above.
  • Have at least one bank account, which can be opened at any bank as long as the bank operates in Nigeria.
  • Minimum monthly income of ₦3000.

Product Features

  • Loan Limit: Minimum ₦35,000, maximum ₦301,000.
  • Loan Term: For first-time borrowers, the minimum loan term is 7 days and the maximum is 16 days, while for existing customers, the minimum term is 92 days and the maximum is 181 days.
  • Interest Rate: 11% – 21.223% per annum.
  • Disbursement Time: Fastest is 17 minutes, latest is 2 hours.

Does the app have any restrictions on the borrowing area?

Regardless of where you live, whether it’s in a small town or a big city, in rural areas or urban areas, as long as you are a Nigerian citizen, the app supports lending to you.

Can individuals with bad credit borrow?

Currently, Oxloan Pro still supports customers with a history of bad credit. However, this only applies to customers with low-level bad credit. For customers with a higher level of bad credit, it is very difficult to borrow from this app.