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Everyone encounters financial difficulties at some point in their lives. In times like these, if you have no one to turn to or feel hesitant to ask friends or family for help, then turn to Nars Cash. With just a few simple procedures, no appraisal, and no collateral required, you can quickly receive money in your account.

Nars Cash is known as an application specializing in providing online loan packages for all Zambian citizens. It provides timely assistance to those facing financial crises.

All processes, from consultation to loan contract procedures, take place entirely online. Therefore, when choosing to borrow through the app, you won’t need to spend time traveling or running around for paperwork like traditional bank loans. Just stay at home, connect to the internet on your phone or computer, follow the registration instructions, and receive the money in your bank account.

Loans through this app are unsecured loans, so you don’t have to worry about preparing collateral. Furthermore, the approval process is fully automated, making it much simpler.

Is borrowing from Nars Cash really safe?

Most people who choose Nars Cash have a common mentality of wanting to solve their current difficulties on their own and not wanting any relatives or friends to know about it. Understanding this mindset, the application does not require its customers to undergo an appraisal.

Furthermore, all information related to the loan contract is kept 100% confidential. The information provided by customers is only used for one purpose, which is disbursing the loan, and the app commits never to exploit customer information for profit. This commitment is clearly stated in the contract, so you can rest assured.

Conditions for fast loan approval

Of course, any lending institution has certain conditions to ensure safety and fairness. Especially when there are clear conditions, the institution will select potential customers to minimize losses. Nars Cash is no exception. The conditions the app sets for loan applicants to meet are as follows:

  • Age between 20 and 60, meaning the age must fall within the range of 20 to 60 years old. Those under 20 or over 60 will not have their loan applications approved.
  • Employed with a stable, regular income each month and the ability to repay debts.
  • Have an open bank account, and the account holder’s name must match the name on the personal identification documents. The account must have sufficient history of usage.

Details about the loan product:

Loan Limit: Minimum 1000 ZMW and maximum 18000 ZMW. Since the application does not require borrowers to pledge collateral, the loan limit is not as high as those institutions that require collateral. However, this limit is still suitable for consumer loans and the target customers that the application aims to serve.

Loan Term: Minimum 90 days and maximum 180 days.

Interest Rate: 18% per year. In addition to paying the interest, you will not need to pay any other service fees. This is unique to Nars Cash because, as our research shows, most lending institutions nowadays charge additional service fees such as consultation fees, which can be as high as 100 ZMW per transaction.

Disbursement Process:

The disbursement process of the application is extremely fast yet still operates professionally in steps as follows:

Step 1: Receive loan registration information from the customer.

Step 2: Call the customer to confirm and address any remaining questions or concerns.

Step 3: Once both parties agree to the loan terms, proceed to sign the online contract.

Step 4: Complete the loan registration information for the customer and transfer the requested amount into the customer’s provided bank account.

The entire disbursement process will take about 18 minutes, and immediately afterward, if your application is valid and without any issues, you will receive the money. However, after borrowing, remember to adhere to the repayment schedule because late payments will incur a relatively high penalty.

Nars Cash is a reputable lending institution highly regarded by many. Therefore, if you urgently need a consumer loan, you can definitely consider borrowing here. Lastly, don’t forget to share this useful information with others.