M-Safi is known as an online financial support application in Tanzania. The app provides online loans for customers facing financial difficulties. With simple loan application procedures, your application has a success rate of up to 80%. Customers in need will receive quick and secure loan support.
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Online financial support applications have seen significant development recently. One of the highly-rated apps in terms of credibility and quality is M-Safi. This app supports online loans with fast and simple procedures. After about 38 minutes, customers will receive the loan if the application is approved.

Taking out a loan on the app is not complex. With the online process, customers can complete their loan applications at any time of the day. The loan limit on the app ranges from TSH65,000 to TSH1100,000.

The repayment period for the loan will be approximately 3 to 6 months. What’s special about this online lending app is that there is no interest incurred. Customers do not need to pay monthly interest to the system. However, the app will deduct service fees from customers. The service fee will not exceed 19% per year.

Customers are required to make a one-time payment when the repayment is due. Therefore, you need to prepare enough money for repayment on the due date. Of course, customers can pay off the loan earlier than the scheduled date.

App Requirements

M-Safi is known as a financial support app with a high success rate in approving loan applications. Customers borrowing money on the system will need to ensure they meet conditions regarding age, personal information, income level, and credit history.

Customers need to be between 20 and 60 years old. This age range ensures requirements regarding health, personal income, etc.

Customers must have a stable monthly income. To increase the chances of loan approval, declare a minimum monthly income of TSH100,000.

Clear and verified personal information through identity documents provided by Tanzania.

A phone number that has been used by the owner for over 6 months and a bank card.

No bad debts within the last 6 months leading up to the time of borrowing.

Although the approval rate for loan applications is high, not all applicants can receive support from the system. Some cases where customers may be rejected include:

Providing inaccurate information on the application.

Insufficient personal information provided.

Unstable income level.

Bad credit history, having bad debts within 6 months leading up to the time of borrowing on the app.

Loan Process:

M-Safi supports customers with flexible loan options. The borrowing process is carried out online with the following basic steps:

  1. Install the app on your APK phone or computer.
  2. Register an account and choose the desired loan limit.
  3. Enter personal information as required by the system, provide complete images of both the front and back of your identification document, and a selfie.
  4. The system will automatically review the application.
  5. Disburse the loan within 38 minutes.

You need to note:

Although a relatively high loan limit is offered, very few customers can be successfully approved for this amount. For first-time borrowers on the system, the maximum limit is only about TSH1100,000.

To borrow the maximum limit, customers need to meet high credit score criteria. Along with that, they should have a history of borrowing multiple times on the app and absolutely no history of bad debts.

It can be seen that M-Safi is not an app that has been operating in the financial support market for a long time, but it is trusted by many customers. The app offers customers various loan options. The system does not charge monthly interest; instead, customers have to pay a loan service fee. However, to ensure safety and protect your rights, be sure to read the contract carefully before agreeing to borrow funds.


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