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Money is extremely, extremely important in life; everything around us can be converted into money. That’s why those who don’t have money find it very difficult to live well at the present time. But don’t worry too much; not having money now doesn’t mean the future will be the same. During your toughest times, turn to Kecredit for assistance, where you’ll be warmly supported in borrowing money for Kenyan residents.

Kecredit is renowned for specializing in providing suitable unsecured loan packages for all types of customers. No matter who you are or which province you come from in Kenya, you can apply for a loan here.

The app offers a wide variety of loan packages, providing customers with multiple choices that match their borrowing needs, specifically:

  • Unsecured loans
  • Same-day quick loans
  • Weekly loans
  • Interest-free loans
  • Installment loans

All forms, all loan packages do not require you to mortgage assets and do not require you to visit the company directly for procedures. Everything is done entirely online with a few simple steps, and the money goes directly into your account. Additionally, an impressive factor that helps Kecredit score absolute points with customers is the service attitude of the staff. The team works continuously around the clock, 24/7, ready to answer any customer queries

Approval Criteria

With the desire to assist many people in overcoming financial crises, Kecredit isn’t excessively strict regarding the conditions for loan approval. The criteria are optimized for everyone facing financial difficulties to be eligible for loan applications. Specifically, when customers meet the following conditions, the system will immediately approve and disburse the loan:

  • Aged 20 and above, regardless of gender
  • Possession of valid identification documents. Note that these documents must be valid, within their expiration date, and without any blurred details
  • Stable monthly income of at least KES 1000

Having a bank account because after the approval of the application, the disbursed funds will be automatically transferred to your bank account. Please ensure that the bank account is valid and the account holder’s name matches the name on the identification documents.

Interest Rates, Latest Update on Terms

Each loan package will have specific interest rates determined, but the general rule is that the interest rates will not exceed 24% per annum. Additionally, depending on each customer’s profile, varying interest rates may be applied based on mutual agreement.

Overall, the interest rates are quite flexible. Once all agreements are settled, a clear contract will be signed to ensure maximum benefits for the customers.

Especially for first-time borrowers here, you’ll enjoy the privilege of a 0% interest rate. However, this offer applies only to short-term loans for a duration of 7-14 days.

The minimum borrowing limit is KES 2000, and the maximum amount a customer can borrow is KES 50000. Moreover, starting from the second loan onwards, customers can be approved for a maximum duration of up to 182 days.

For example, a loan of KES 15000 over 182 days would incur the following costs: Interest: KES 15000 * (30% / 365) * 182 days = KES 2243 Total repayment amount: KES 15000 + 2243 = KES 17243

Loan Process at Kecredit

-1: Prepare your documents; all you need to apply for a loan online at Kecredit is personal identification.

-2: Download the app from the homepage

-3: Open the app and register with your phone number. Wait briefly for the system’s confirmation; soon after, a representative will call you to provide detailed advice on the available loan options. You can ask any questions related to the loan that you are unsure about during this call.

-4: The staff will assist you in filling out the necessary information for the system to process your application quickly. Your task at this point is simply to input the required information following the provided guidance. Once completed, press ‘Confirm.’

-5: The system will take approximately 35 minutes to verify the information and approve the loan. Afterward, the funds will be deposited into your account.

With Kecredit’s easy loan process and flexible interest rates, why hesitate to apply for a loan? We hope that the support provided by the app’s funds will swiftly help you overcome this financial crisis. If you have any questions or uncertainties, feel free to leave a comment below the article, and we will assist you with free guidance.