If you're looking for a reputable financial support app, don't overlook Kasente. The app offers customers consumer loans with simple documentation and quick disbursement. For customers in urgent need of funds who don't want to go through lengthy and complex loan procedures, this is the optimal choice.
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Among hundreds of online financial support apps in the current market, despite fierce competition, this app has established a strong position. It has become one of the leading online loan apps with a large customer base. To achieve this result, the app has continuously improved and possesses notable advantages such as:

Simple and easy loan application process:

The system operates with the goal of facilitating fast and efficient loan approval for customers. The app invests in modern technology to optimize the process of loan approval. It supports customers in receiving funds quickly, addressing financial issues on the same day.

Loan applications are entirely online, allowing customers to initiate them at their convenience. The system’s staff is ready to assist customers at any time of the day. Approved loan applications are disbursed immediately.

To complete the application, customers only need to provide the required information such as their name, address, phone number, information, and images of identification documents or passports, etc.

Diverse loan options:

The app offers a variety of loan options for Ugandan customers to choose from. Depending on the credit history, the loan limit for each customer will vary. With loan limits ranging from UGX 110,000 to UGX 1,100,000, it meets the consumer loan needs of customers.

The repayment period for loans ranges from 90 to 199 days, which is suitable for consumer loans, without putting too much pressure on customers.

The interest rate customers need to pay for their loans each month is 18% per annum. In addition to the interest rate, customers will not need to pay any other loan processing fees.

However, these are only reference information; customers should carefully read the loan agreement to know the exact interest rate and repayment period.

Convenient Repayment Method Support

Kasente supports customers in repaying their loans along with interest through internet banking services. Customers can make payments either in advance or on schedule. After making the payment, it is essential to carefully save the receipt.

Steps for Taking Out a Loan with Kasente

True to its name “Kasente,” the app supports customers in completing loan applications quickly, conveniently, and efficiently. The processes are streamlined, making it easier for customers to access the desired loans.

  1. Provide personal information as requested by the system’s form. The information on the form needs to be accurate and clear. Along with this, provide images of both sides of the identification document and a selfie.
  2. Register the desired loan amount. The loan amount for each customer group will vary. At this step, customers will also understand the detailed interest rate they need to pay monthly.
  3. Wait for the application to be approved and disbursed. After about 36 minutes of completing the application, customers will receive a notification about the approval result. If the application is approved successfully, you will receive the money at this time.

The loan application steps in the app can only be performed on a smartphone with an internet connection. The system does not support services on computers.

Reasons for System Rejection of Customers

Although there is a high rate of successful application approval, many customers still have their loan applications rejected by Kasente. This stems from various reasons such as:

  • Customers providing unclear or inaccurate personal information. These are basic details in the application that require high accuracy. Therefore, providing incorrect information will lead to immediate disqualification without the need for further review.
  • Invalid or missing information.
  • Being associated with bad debts or failing to repay debts from other apps.
  • Supporting documents are no longer valid.
  • Loan limits are not suitable, being too high for the customer’s conditions.

To avoid having applications rejected, customers need to pay attention to the above factors. Additionally, it’s crucial to fill in personal information clearly and in detail. Also, consider supplementing a stable monthly income of at least UGX 500,000. This will increase your chances of a successful application approval.


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