HiCash is a popular financial lending app nowadays, offering quick, unsecured loans. The app supports large loans, with easy approval processes and same-day disbursement. Consequently, the number of customers turning to this online lending platform is steadily increasing.
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HiCash is one of the highly-rated online lending apps in terms of quality today. The system provides flexible loans to customers without requiring collateral. The loan process is entirely online, making it both simple and fast.

Particularly, this app offers high-value loans to customers in Tanzania. Customers can choose loans ranging from TZS 10,000 to TZS 1,000,000. Currently, there are few online lending apps that support such high-value loans. When customers meet the necessary criteria, the success rate of their application approval on the system is up to 88%. Therefore, the number of customers turning to the app is steadily increasing.

People eligible to borrow from the app:

The individuals eligible for loans through the app must meet the following basic conditions:

  • No gender discrimination, but must be within the age range of minimum 18 and maximum 60 years old.
  • Must be citizens holding Tanzanian nationality, with valid personal documents.
  • Personal phone number must be owned and used for a minimum of 5 months.
  • Borrowers must have stable employment and average monthly income of TZS 31,000 or above.
  • Absolutely no bad debts.

Highlights of HiCash:

The HiCash online financial support app provides customers with a good experience. Alongside, there are notable advantages in service quality such as:

  • The loans offered here are quite diverse, meeting almost every financial need of customers to effectively address difficulties.
  • The procedures are not complex; instead, they are simplified and quick. Customers have autonomy in the application process. Additionally, advisory staff are always ready to assist when needed.
  • Customer information is only used in the application assessment, ensuring privacy and security. The system does not share customer information with third parties.
  • Support for loan disbursement and repayment through bank accounts, convenient and fast.

However, the app also has some limitations such as not supporting customers with bad debts, and customers being bothered if they fail to repay loans on time.

The introduction to the HiCash online financial support app has been fully shared in the article. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, consider turning to this app. Customers will be supported with a variety of loans at preferential interest rates.

For example:

If you apply for a loan of TSH 100,000, the term is 91 days and the annual interest rate is 25%.
the interest for 91 days = TSH 100,000 * 25%:365*91 =TSH 6234,
the totally repayment = TSH 100,000 + TZS 6234 = TSH 106,235.

Contact Us:

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Whatsapp: 255762222322
Address: Regent Estate,Migombani St,Dar es Salaam,Tanzania