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Fine Kudi is a familiar name in the online lending sphere in Nigeria. The app has been operating in the market for quite some time, attracting a large customer base. Through this app, customers are provided with a variety of loans, with a streamlined process that can be completed online. The approval rate for successful loan applications is high, catering to a diverse range of customers.

By simply registering a profile on the app, the system automatically processes, evaluates, and approves applications. The borrowing method is straightforward, avoiding direct face-to-face interactions while offering multiple loan options, thereby providing customers with the best financial support.

No assessment through relatives

Fine Kudi does not require assessing customer information through relatives. This is a notable advantage that has garnered the app popularity among a wide customer base. Assessing through relatives could potentially impact customers negatively, as in some cases, customers may not want their relatives to be aware of their financial difficulties.

The system’s lack of reliance on assessing relatives and collateral provides borrowers with comfort and reduces pressure during the borrowing process.

Supporting customers with diverse loan options

The app offers customers a wide array of different loan options, ranging from NGN1000 to NGN100,000 per loan. Depending on each customer, there are various choices available regarding the loan amount.

However, for first-time borrowers using the app, the received amount will be relatively low, accompanied by shorter repayment periods. Customers with a good credit history, who have borrowed multiple times through the system, will have increased loan values and repayment terms.

The interest rates within the app are quite high, ranging from 3% to 20% annually for each loan. The maximum loan term is 3 months. During this period, customers should only borrow small amounts to meet end-of-month needs, to avoid difficulties in repayment without a stable income if borrowing a large sum.

The Fine Kudi system supports gradual repayment of the principal amount. Customers can repay the principal gradually within the loan term. However, late payments should be avoided to prevent penalty fees and unwanted impacts on personal livelihood.

Debt recovery agents will use various methods to successfully retrieve loans. Customers may receive continuous phone calls and bothersome text messages.

How to borrow money from Fine Kudi?

The borrowing process through the app is quite straightforward. Customers don’t need to go through complex procedures or directly meet with the app. Instead, they only need to complete the loan application profile within the application. The steps for registering a loan profile will include:

  • Installing the app on your device from, registering an account within the app, or logging in if you’ve borrowed here before.
  • Registering a suitable loan amount. Fill in personal information as required by the system: full name, address in Nigeria, identification documents, and a selfie for facial recognition.
  • Submitting the profile and waiting for the system’s assessment.
  • The disbursed loan amount will be transferred to your bank account as quickly as possible.

The entire process occurs entirely online, allowing customers to take an active role in creating their profiles. However, it’s essential to ensure high accuracy in the information used for the loan application.

Does the app have service fees?

Fine Kudi is one of the online lending apps that charges service fees. Customers will need to pay a 10% service fee for each loan. The repayment period will align with the loan’s payment schedule.