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EasyFund is an app designed to assist users in borrowing money for short periods. All activities are conducted on an online platform. Users will need to download the app from our website onto their devices. Afterward, they can register their loan on the system and wait for approval. EasyFund is user-friendly and makes borrowing money quick, with funds typically disbursed in just 22 minutes.

This lending app operates on the voluntary consent of customers. You may be denied a loan without incurring any fees. Additionally, borrowers’ information and loan details are kept entirely confidential. Loan amounts, terms, limits, and interest rates are transparently disclosed for customers to understand from the outset. All you need is a phone with an internet connection.

Details of loans from EasyFund

Below are the loan details available to customers with needs:

  • Loan type: Unsecured loans through an online process at home
  • Loan amounts: From ₦10,000 to ₦330,000
  • Annual interest rate: 0% for the first loan, subsequently (12-24%)
  • Loan duration: Fixed at 10 days for the first loan, subsequently (90-180 days)
  • Support scope: Nationwide
  • Transaction fee: Dependent on the loan limit

Basic Conditions for Customers to Borrow from EasyFund

To be eligible for borrowing assistance from EasyFund, customers need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Customers must be over 20 years old.
  2. Currently employed with a stable income of over ₦5000 per month. The higher the income, the easier it is to get loan approval.
  3. Possess valid identification documents.
  4. Have a personal bank account.

Quick Loan Guide at EasyFund without Face-to-Face Interaction

Prepare a smartphone with internet connectivity and follow these simple borrowing steps at EasyFund:

1: First, users need to download the EasyFund app onto their phones.

2: Proceed to register an account by entering your phone number and providing basic information as required by the EasyFund lending app.

3: Choose the desired loan amount.

4: Take clear photos of your identification documents, both sides, and upload them to the app.

5: Receive the loan into your bank account within 22 minutes once the loan application has been approved.

Requesting Permissions from Device when Borrowing at EasyFund

If customers want their loan applications to be approved quickly at EasyFund, they need to grant access permissions to the app. Specifically, the basic requests that need to be accepted for approval are as follows:

  • Request for location access.
  • Request for camera system access.
  • Request for call permissions.
  • Request for access to the borrower’s contacts.
  • Request for access to mobile information.

This request helps the app gather information about you, which serves as a basis for disbursing the loan or rejecting it if it’s deemed unsuitable.

Valid Document Photo Guidelines

Whether your loan at EasyFund is disbursed or not depends entirely on the images of your personal documents that you provide. Therefore, how you take these photos is crucial. Here are some guidelines to remember:

  • Frame your portrait from the top of your head down to your chest.
  • Hold your identification document close to your face or slightly below your chin.
  • Take photos in well-lit areas to ensure clarity.
  • Avoid light reflections that can blur the information on the document.
  • Always ensure your face is bare to ensure the system accurately recognizes your image.

Is EasyFund a scam?

EasyFund is also a name that has been included in the list of suspicions by many people. However, it’s common for any loan app to face such suspicions upon its launch. But in reality, there must be grounds for EasyFund to be involved in such rumors. Because no one can verify the operating license of the app. At the same time, unsecured lending in Nigeria is not yet clearly regulated. Make sure it’s reliable!

If you need to borrow money quickly, you can consider choosing EasyFund. However, it’s still necessary to thoroughly research to make the most accurate decision.