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This is also an application specialized in providing short-term unsecured loan products, with relatively simple borrowing conditions. Borrowers only need to hold their identification documents and take a clear photo as required by the system, fill in some personal information, and the loan application is completed. Your application will be assessed by the financial partner’s system within a certain period of time. Once your loan application is successfully approved, the money will be immediately credited to your account. You don’t need to visit the office in person, no need to prove income, and no need for a guarantor.

These are all convenient features of online unsecured lending in general. However, the app operates 24/7, every day of the week, so you can get support whenever you need it. Especially, the loan limits here are very high and the annual interest rates are also competitive. This could be a financial support application worth considering.

Surprised with countless benefits when borrowing money quickly at Cashola

Choosing this lending app, you experience excellent unsecured loan services:

  • Loan limits from ₱ 1000 to ₱45000: With such flexible borrowing amounts and high limits, you can borrow for small expenses or for larger tasks such as buying a car, building a house, etc.
  • Maximum loan repayment period of 188 days, extendable with no additional fees.
  • Interest rates ranging from only 4% to 16% per year: Compared to many financial apps nowadays, these interest rates are not too high. You won’t need to worry too much when it comes time to repay the loan. In particular, the app applies a 0% interest rate for first-time borrowers, with a limit of up to ₱5000, repayable within 10 days.
  • The loan application process is simple, all done online. Therefore, you have control over your time, can apply whenever you want, without having to travel back and forth.
  • Even if you borrow with a high limit here, you don’t need to pledge assets, and the app doesn’t assess your relatives/friends.
  • When borrowing money quickly at Cashola, you can rest assured that the contract has transparent terms, and your personal information is only used for borrowing purposes and loan repayment requests when due, not for any other purposes.

Cashola’s Financial Support Eligibility Criteria

As you can see, choosing Cashola brings numerous benefits to borrowers. Hence, the number of loan applications submitted to the system every day is significant. Among them, some applications are approved, while others are rejected. The app approves loans for customers who meet the following conditions:

  • Philippine citizenship, aged between 18 and under 60;
  • Possess valid identification documents or passport;
  • Have stable employment, with a monthly income to ensure loan repayment;
  • No bad debts or history of late payments/defaulted loans at banks/financial companies/other lending apps.
  • Have a domestic bank account for convenient loan transfers and customer repayment of principal and interest when due;
  • Have a registered SIM card, with a maximum operating time of over 3 months;
  • Clear and unaltered photos of identification documents and borrower’s portrait, without any signs of editing/photoshop.

Of course, all loan applications rejected by the system do not meet the above criteria. Especially if you have bad debts, the app immediately marks the application as “Cancelled.”

Is Cashola trustworthy?

Based on what we’ve learned, the unsecured lending activities here are completely reliable. The lending process is simple, and the loan contracts contain all the terms regarding interest rates, repayment periods, fees, late payment penalties, etc. All information is very clear, without any signs of ambiguous information aimed at deceiving borrowers.

Furthermore, no customer has reported any rude demands regarding loan repayment or excessively high interest rates here. With rates ranging from 4% to 16.21% per year, they are lower than many other fast lending apps available today. Therefore, it cannot be affirmed that Cashola is a scam organization.

However, the app has only been operating since January 2024 and is still in the process of gradual improvement, so errors may occur. The app always listens to user feedback to improve day by day. Customers may consider borrowing money quickly here, but remember to carefully read the contract and ensure the ability to repay on time.