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Online lending has never been simpler and quicker than it is at the current time. This is thanks to the convenience offered by apps for online lending like BestLoan. When borrowing money here, you don’t need to prove your income or provide collateral to still access money extremely fast. If it’s your first time borrowing, the maximum limit is only GH₵ 10,000, but you get to enjoy super low interest rates.

Especially, the app is connected with numerous financial partners, so no matter how much money you need, the app helps you secure a loan. You also don’t need collateral or a guarantor, just provide a photo ID verifying you as a resident of Ghana, along with a pay slip, and the approval rate for loans can reach 90%. According to many reviews, the BestLoan app has created a reliable financial bridge, helping borrowers safely access loans without worrying about encountering loan sharks. The loans from financial partners are also quite diverse, allowing you to freely choose and repeatedly borrow here with the most favorable interest rates.

The customers that the app will accept

In order for your loan application to be approved by BestLoan’s financial partners with a 95% approval rate, you must first meet at least the following conditions:

  • Be a citizen residing and working within the territory of Ghana;
  • Age limit from 21 years old to 62 years old;
  • Current job tenure of at least 6 months with a monthly income;
  • Use a domestic bank card or e-wallet;
  • The phone number used to register for the loan must be the primary number used for at least 6 months.

Steps to borrow money from BestLoan

Follow the instructions below to quickly and easily borrow money within minutes:

Download the BestLoan app from the app store. Enter your phone number and OTP code to register and open an account.

– Choose the loan amount and repayment period. Fill in personal information, phone number, bank account number,… upload a photo of your identification document and a portrait photo to complete the loan application.

– The loan application will be uploaded to the system and awaiting approval. The evaluation time can range from 45 minutes to 24 working hours.

– Once the loan application is successfully approved, you’ll receive a notification from the system. Simply agree to the loan, and the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

– Choose the payment method that suits you best, such as bank transfer or using an e-wallet, to repay the loan.

Does borrowing for the second time with the BestLoan app increase the borrowing limit?

For first-time customers using the app, the supported loan amount is capped at GH₵ 5000. However, when you apply for a loan again, you become a returning customer and enjoy several benefits such as:

  • An increased maximum borrowing limit up to GH₵ 10,000;
  • An annual interest rate reduced from 18.1% to 15%;
  • The loan tenure extended up to 6 months;
  • Faster approval for repeat loan applications, prioritized in the assessment process;
  • Streamlined loan procedures, resulting in quicker processing times.

Compared to many unsecured lending apps, where the limit for repeat borrowing is raised only to a range of GH₵ 1000 – GH₵ 2000, this app is ready to increase the limit to GH₵ 5000 and beyond for customers applying for the third, fourth, and subsequent loans, provided they meet the lending criteria here. This means the limit won’t stop at GH₵ 15,000.

Note: When borrowing for the second time here, you don’t need to create a new account. If you forget your account/password or no longer use the old phone number, contact customer service for assistance. In case you want to receive money in a new bank account, update it in the “Information” section.