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PesoQ is a quick cash loan service developed and operated by us. The main purpose of this service is to provide fast and affordable financial support to all customers. When choosing PesoQ, you only need to provide identity verification documents based on your own credibility, without requiring collateral. Furthermore, the loan process only requires access to the company’s website or developed application. Through the intermediary unit connecting customers with credit organizations, banks, etc., borrowing money becomes easier.

Benefits of borrowing money with PesoQ

Although it has only been in operation recently, the number of loyal customers borrowing money from PesoQ is increasing day by day. Of course, this is all based on specific, verifiable grounds. Because the loan form brings many practical advantages, it becomes the key to everyone’s hand.

Flexible interest rates

When borrowing from PesoQ, you can easily borrow from ₱100 – ₱8000. Interest rates are calculated based on the credit limit of each loan. Mostly ranging from 1.5% – 15% per month. This is an attractive interest rate compared to private companies and supporting banks. Moreover, people can also enjoy flexible repayment time from 12 – 36 months depending on the amount borrowed.

Safe and transparent

When in urgent need of money, most people focus on factors such as speed, convenience while ignoring credibility and transparency. This has led to cases of lost or damaged money. However, when choosing to borrow from PesoQ, it is completely different. The loan approval process, profile analysis is fair, transparent, and without any impact. In addition, all personal information of customers is maximally protected, no disclosure to outsiders.

High loan amount

You can borrow up to ₱8000 instead of ₱5000 before. When borrowing, people are not required to have collateral. All transactions are made through the borrower’s and lender’s credit accounts.

Quick approval process

Compared to other services, PesoQ’s approval and disbursement time are extremely fast. After completing the registration steps in the application, people only need to wait for 5 minutes to know the results immediately.

Simple procedures

And one of the benefits that cannot be overlooked is the simple borrowing procedures. Unlike organizations, supporting banks that require customers to prove the purpose of borrowing, PesoQ does not require it. Instead, you only need to provide personal documents, verify your identity.

Conditions for borrowing from PesoQ

Just like when borrowing from a bank or financial company, in order to borrow money, you need to meet the set conditions. Specifically, when borrowing at the PesoQ application, the basic and complex conditions are not much. They are:

  • Being a citizen living and working in all provinces and cities on the Philippine territory
  • Being in the working age group from 21 – 65 years old
  • Valid personal identification documents
  • Stable monthly income
  • Confirmation of income through pay slips

Details of the PesoQ loan process

The PesoQ loan process is all carried out online, so it is very easy. Accordingly, to borrow money, it will basically include 3 steps as follows:

  • Download the PesoQ application directly here.
  • Then you go to the main interface to register and create a loan profile. You fill in the required information. Once you receive a notification of successful registration, the screen will display information about the approved amount, interest rate, monthly repayment amount, etc. If you meet the conditions, the loan will be approved immediately.
  • Once your profile is approved, your account will receive money within 1 – 2 hours. The application can transfer money to you through many different forms.

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