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PesaX is an online cash credit lending application in Tanzania with a loan term from 91 days to 180 days and loan amounts ranging from 10,000 TZS to 100,000 TZS. PesaX’s APR ranges from 12% to 26%. This application commits to providing safe and reliable services to customers who meet the requirements for citizenship, wallet account, and Tanzanian documentation. PesaX protects customer data and provides 24/7 online services, with a professional and friendly team ready to support customers.

Why choose PesaX?

  • Online operation 24/7: Advantages and convenience of online operations
  • 24/7 service: A solution for emergency loan needs
  • Professional team with effective auditing
  • PesaX’s professional team: Why you should trust them
  • Effective auditing: Ensuring transparency in the lending process
  • Friendly team: Creating comfort for customers when using the service
  • Support in answering customer questions: Professional customer care
  • Diverse payment methods
  • Various local payment methods: Flexibility and convenience for customers

Loan products:

  • Loan term: From 91 days to 180 days – flexible for customers
  • Loan amount: From 10,000 TZS to 100,000 TZS – meets the loan needs of customers
  • Interest rate to be paid from 12% to 26%: Provides reasonable interest rates for customers

Conditions for using the service:

  • Citizens over 18 years old: The basic requirement to meet PesaX’s requirements
  • Open a wallet account at Vodacom, Airtel, Tigo: Ensures security and convenience for customers
  • Have one Tanzania document: A requirement to meet the country’s standards

Data security:

  • High security: PesaX’s customer information protection policy
  • No sharing of information: PesaX commits to not sharing customer information with anyone without consent


  • Contact information: Address, email, and phone number of PesaX
  • Always ready to support: A friendly and professional customer support team

Conclusion: PesaX is an online cash credit lending application in Tanzania with safe and reliable services. This application provides many benefits for customers, including online operations, a professional and friendly team, diverse payment methods, and high security. The conditions for using PesaX’s services are simple and easy to meet. Customers can contact PesaX’s customer support team for more detailed information about this service.


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