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Pera u Bag offers large loan amounts that may be suitable for you, ensuring the safety of all customers' information when using the App's services.
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Pera U Bag is known as a reputable personal loan app, offering loan limits of up to 19,999 Pesos with extremely simple procedures. Borrowers only need to have the desire to borrow, sufficient personal documents, and a smartphone to easily apply for loans here.

If you intend to borrow money from Pera U Bag APK IOS, the following information is particularly important:

  • Support limits for new customers: The first loan amount typically ranges from 1,000 Pesos to 8,999 Pesos.
  • Support limits for repeat customers, from the 2nd loan onwards, can go up to 19,999 Pesos.
  • Repayment term for principal and interest: Minimum of 91 days, maximum of 180 days. Extensions are available if needed.
  • Annual interest rate: Not exceeding 18% and no additional fees incurred.

Overall, this app is worth considering because it offers relatively high loan limits with manageable interest rates. While there is no precise information indicating that the interest rate is capped at 18% per annum, if it is indeed the case, then the app is acceptable.

Conditions for borrowing money

If you meet the following conditions, you will be eligible for financial assistance from Pera U Bag:

  • Must be a Filipino citizen, aged 19 or above.
  • Have a stable job in the country, with a monthly income to ensure repayment capability.
  • Possess valid personal identification or passport with remaining validity.
  • Have at least one bank account for convenient receipt and repayment of the loan.
  • The phone number used for borrowing money must be owned by the applicant, with a long usage history being advantageous.

Steps to apply for a loan

  • Use your mobile phone to access and download our app APK.
  • Click on “Apply for a loan.” Enter your phone number, input the activation code, and fill in personal information on the loan application form. It’s crucial to provide accurate information from the start for a smooth approval process.
  • Choose the appropriate loan limit and repayment period according to your needs and repayment capability.
  • Take clear photos of both sides of your identification documents, with a clear portrait photo being preferred. Submit your loan application and wait for approval.
  • You’ll need to wait for the system to evaluate your application, with a maximum processing time of 24 hours but it may be faster. Upon receiving a successful approval notification, the loan amount you applied for will be immediately transferred to your registered personal account.

Ways to Increase the Approval Rate of Loan Applications

Only 81% of loan applications are approved by this lending system, leaving approximately 19% of applications rejected. If you want your loan application to have a high acceptance rate, consider the following:

  • Start with a small loan limit, as the approval rate is higher when choosing a loan below 8,999 Pesos.
  • Declare your income truthfully, but if necessary, you can choose a figure as the system does not rigorously verify personal income.
  • For quick approval on any loan app, ensure your credit history is clean, with no bad debts or late payments.
  • The system may take a considerable amount of time to approve applications, especially for larger loans up to 19,999 Pesos.
  • Ensure that personal information, phone numbers, and bank account details are accurately provided from the beginning to avoid discrepancies that could affect the approval rate of your application.
  • Grant access permissions to your device.

By following the suggestions above, the successful loan approval rate at Pera U Bag can reach 98%. So, why wait? Apply now to get the money in your hands promptly.

Loan Example in the App: Suppose you want to borrow ₱10000 for 6 months, with an annual interest rate of 10%.

  • Amount in hand = Loan amount – Service fee: 10000 – 1000010% = 9000
  • Total amount to repay = Loan amount + Total interest fee: 10000 + 1000010%x180:365 = 10493
  • Monthly repayment = Total amount to repay / Loan term: 10493:6 = 1749


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Address: Ignition Venture Studio, North Penthouse Marajo Tower, 311, 25th St. cor.4th Ave., BGC,,Fort Bonifacio,TAGUIG CITY,NCR,FOURTH DISTRICT,Philippines