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Usually, loan apps operating online typically allow users to borrow a maximum amount of around 10,000 pesos. However, Paghiram, launched in the Philippines, stands out by offering customers a loan limit of up to 50,000 pesos. Customers can secure a loan within 2 hours and receive the money within 15 minutes.

About Paghiram app:

It is a financial application providing loan services exclusively for customers in the Philippines. The criteria for borrowing money on the app are extremely simple. The aim is to help borrowers address their financial pressures.

This app was just launched in 2023 but immediately garnered support from many customers with over 300,000 app downloads for use via Google Play and Apple Store. Alongside this success, numerous user reviews have been received. Currently, Paghiram caters to users with Android-based phones but hasn’t released a version for IOS yet.

Contact Information:

Hotline: 09090773263 or 09090773130

Mail: [email protected]

Address: 12th Floor Aseana Three Bldg., Macapagal Ave. Cor Aseana Ave., Aseana City Tambo City of Parañaque Fourth District, Parañaque City, Philippines

Attractive Loan Package

As mentioned earlier, the maximum loan limit at Paghiram extends up to 50,000 pesos. This is an incredible offering that not every app can provide. Such high limits are usually found only in banks.

The repayment period varies from 3 to 6 months depending on the borrowed amount—higher or lower limits. This will be clearly outlined in detail within the signed contract between both parties. It’s crucial to communicate extensively with the staff regarding this matter. Regarding installment payments, borrowers will make payments monthly or quarterly, depending on the terms.

The minimum applicable interest rate for loans at Paghiram is 10% per year, while the maximum is 35% per year. Additionally, customers won’t have to bear any other related fees.

For example, a loan of 20,000 ₱ with an interest rate of 0.1% per year for 90 days.

Total interest = 20,000 * 0.1 * 90 / 365 = 493 ₱

Total repayment amount = loan amount * annual interest rate * loan period / 365 (days) + loan amount

Total repayment amount = 20,000 * 0.1 * 90 / 365 + 20,000 = 24,930

Transparency in Loan Contracts

All information regarding a customer’s loan will be disclosed clearly and transparently. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly read before signing, especially regarding binding terms. You’re only responsible for fulfilling the commitments you’ve signed for in the contract. Additionally, any other incurred costs are not relevant.

Loan amounts, before your decision to choose, will have notifications about interest rates and detailed calculations of the debt for the borrower. Therefore, your obligation is solely to fulfill those commitments.

Loan Conditions in the Paghiram App

To be eligible for financial support from Paghiram, customers must ensure they meet the following conditions:

  • Age ranging from 18+.
  • Borrowers must possess valid and transparent identification documents.
  • Stable monthly income.
  • Having an account in any local bank to receive the money.

When meeting all these requirements, your application has an 89% approval rate. The higher your monthly income, the larger the borrowing limit.

Paghiram doesn’t require borrowers to justify the purpose of their loan. You can use the borrowed amount for any purpose, such as paying utility bills, shopping, paying tuition fees, etc.

This minimizes the steps in the loan process significantly. Consequently, borrowers save time and effort and receive the money in their accounts faster than ever before.

Diverse Payment Methods

Currently, Paghiram offers two payment methods for its customers:

  • Through banks: If opting for this payment method, users can deposit money online at the bank’s counters or branches. Additionally, a popular method is using mobile banking apps.
  • Through e-wallets.

Please note, regardless of the chosen payment method for repaying loans to Paghiram, it’s essential to keep receipts and transaction records. This helps prevent unnecessary discrepancies in the future.


To receive quick loan support, borrowers should pay attention to:

Providing complete and accurate information to Paghiram. Declaring a slightly higher monthly income. Having an active primary phone number for an extended period.

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