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This is a personal loan app, only available on Android/iOS devices. Your job is simply to register for a loan on your phone, provide photos of your identification documents, and wait for the system to approve. If your application is successful, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

The loan approval process here takes a maximum of 1 hour (many other apps take up to 24 hours). Especially, the app operates 24/7, so whenever you need a loan, the system is ready to assist. Mr.Cash’s operation is similar to many other financial companies:

  1. The app collects customer information.
  2. Transfers to the individual approval or review system.
  3. Considers the loan amount based on customer requests.
  4. Disburses the loan to the customer’s bank account in the shortest possible time.

The loan limit ranges from ₱1000 to ₱30,000. If you’re a regular customer of the app, your limit will be maximized, and your application review time will be prioritized.

The interest rate corresponding to each loan package will be provided specifically when your loan application is accepted. However, interest rates here range from 12% per annum to 29.23% per annum.

The repayment period for both principal and interest with Mr Cash is from 92 days to 181 days, excluding extension time if you request it due to an inability to repay on time. If you want to extend for an additional 3 – 6 days, contact customer service for assistance.

Note: If you repay the loan after the final date stated on the loan contract, you will immediately have to pay an additional fee ranging from 0% to 11% of the loan amount. It’s advisable to repay 1 – 2 days before the due date or on time to avoid penalty fees.

The following are the eligibility criteria for borrowing money from Mr Cash:

  • Be a citizen of the Philippines, aged between 18 and 60.
  • Have no history of bad debt with financial companies/banks/other personal loan lenders.
  • Possess valid identification documents.
  • Have a stable monthly income.
  • Own a primary phone number, with a minimum usage period of 3 months.
  • Have a bank account for quick receipt and repayment of loans.
  • Provide a contact number of a relative/friend to expedite the approval process.

Some frequently asked questions about the Mr Cash app:

  1. Is the Mr.Cash app a scam?

There is currently no accurate information regarding whether this personal loan app scams its customers. However, because personal information needs to be disclosed for loan approval, you should be cautious about the risk of information theft.

  1. Does the Mr.Cash app support bad credit?

The app does support customers with bad credit history at banks or financial institutions. You can still apply for a loan and have your loan application approved with personal information. The company does not pay much attention to your debt situation with other credit organizations.

  1. Is it advisable to borrow money quickly through the Mr.Cash app?

From the information gathered, it’s evident that while the company supports high loan amounts to help you out in tight financial situations, the high interest rates and short repayment periods may lead to accumulating debt if you cannot repay the loan on time. If you don’t urgently need the money and realize you have the ability to repay the loan on time, then it’s okay to borrow. Otherwise, you should consider other forms of financial assistance from reputable banks or credit organizations.

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