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MoMoCredit is one of the online loan apps receiving much praise from customers. This raises curiosity among many people about whether it is a reliable, safe financial app to trust or just a marketing ploy. If you share these doubts, let’s explore and verify with

Online lending has emerged in recent years but quickly became a trend and a choice for many residents in Ghana when they need it. There are various lending apps available, yet for many, MoMoCredit remains the number one financial support in Ghana. To borrow money through the app, customers need to download and install the application. The downloading process is similar to other app installations. The entire lending process is conducted within the app’s system. If the loan is approved, the money will be disbursed immediately and sent to the registered bank account.

Is the app reputable and trustworthy?

Based on the experiences of many customers, the lending app is considered reputable, trustworthy, and secure. This is because the service holds many outstanding advantages that other lending applications cannot match. Specifically:

  • Flexible repayment periods, allowing customers to easily repay at a later time without encountering any difficulties.
  • Reasonable interest rates, sometimes even lower compared to some other online lending systems.
  • Diverse borrowing programs, providing customers with various options based on their needs.
  • Absolute customer information security with clear privacy policies.
  • Transparent borrowing procedures ensuring a scientific approach.
  • No fees incurred during the borrowing process within the app.
  • Customers receive support from a dedicated team of professional and attentive staff.
  • Same-day disbursement system without the need for collateral from borrowers.
  • Increased borrowing limits and streamlined approval processes for subsequent loans, shorter evaluation times, and the application of cost-saving interest rates.

Criteria for Profile Approval in the MoMoCredit App

To have their profiles quickly reviewed, customers need to meet specific criteria. Additionally, it’s important to note that the more credible the profile, the higher the borrowing limit.

Customers borrowing money through the app must be residents of Ghana, currently living and working in the country, and aged 18 or above, applicable to both males and females.

Borrowers need to demonstrate a source of income for the past six months, earning around ₵500,000.

They must possess original identification documents or a valid passport for verification.

Customers should not have a history of bad debts or be on the bank’s restricted payment list.

Having a bank account for the disbursement of approved funds is necessary.

What are the borrowing limits, terms, and interest rates in the app?

The borrowing limits in MoMoCredit currently range from ₵50,000 to ₵300,000. The borrowing limit automatically increases for the second loan up to a certain level. The repayment period extends from 90 days to 180 days. Late payments may incur penalties as per regulations.

The interest rates offered by the lending app depend on the borrowing limit and repayment period. In other words, higher borrowing limits and longer repayment periods entail higher interest rates. However, they typically fall within a specific range of 11% to 24%. Compared to many other active lending apps, these rates are slightly lower.

Guide to Borrowing Money

For first-time customers borrowing from the MoMoCredit app, there might be a slight sense of confusion and hesitation. However, that feeling quickly dissipates as the app is designed to be simple and user-friendly, catering to customers of all backgrounds. Moreover, the borrowing process is straightforward. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Customers should download and install the app on their phones, register personal information by filling out the form.
  2. Choose the desired borrowing limit and repayment period based on individual capabilities.
  3. Complete the loan application procedure by entering information and submitting the application.
  4. The system will process the application and send notifications to the customer.
  5. Customers receive the disbursed funds through the provided bank account.

Note that during the application process, if there are any queries or uncertainties, it’s advisable to promptly contact the customer service team of the app. This helps avoid any unexpected issues that might affect future repayments.

MoMoCredit is a reputable online lending app offering high borrowing limits and flexible repayment periods. If you seek a trustworthy and reliable platform, consider partnering with this app today. However, remember to select a borrowing limit that suits your needs and repayment capabilities.