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Rarely does an app supporting quick loan services offer disbursements of up to ₱40,000. If there’s a need for a substantial amount of money urgently, MetaPeso is an ideal solution worth considering. Keep track of the information related to this online lending software through the content below.

Introduction to Basic Features of the MetaPeso App

MetaPeso, also known as the FlyPeso App, provides online loan services on a mobile platform. Customers can use laptops, phones, or tablets to conduct transactions. The loan organization conditions are supported by reputable software, with borrowers directly referring to options from intermediary financial institutions.

There’s no limit to customer participation in the online lending app. The minimum loan amount reaches ₱1500, with a maximum of ₱40,000. The app-managed lending method is tightly controlled. Customers can contact a toll-free number for advisory information. Similar to many financial organizations supporting online loan services, the app offers competitive interest rates ranging from 1% to 3.6% per month. Loan terms are flexible depending on each product’s characteristics, with a minimum repayment period ranging from 91 days to 120 days.

An excellent advantage of MetaPeso is the low-interest rate for the first loan. Even if customers face bad debt due to some objective reason, the system still applies lending policies after assessment and review. Disbursement time for loans ranges from 1 day to 2 days.

Criteria for Determining Supported Customers

The application’s operational direction revolves around catering to all customer needs. Therefore, the platform doesn’t impose overly stringent requirements on borrowers. Here are the conditions you should consider before seeking quick loan products.

Conditions for Borrowers:

  • Target customers are Filipino citizens aged between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Borrowers need to provide legal documents such as valid identification.
  • Customers should use their registered phone number to receive notifications and verification codes.
  • The borrower should fully understand the loan terms and specific regulations outlined in the contract.

The Online Loan Process

With just a few simple conditions, you can effectively address financial issues. MetaPeso stands as an excellent service supporting customers’ daily lives. The quick loan approval process is facilitated through straightforward steps that borrowers need to follow:

Step 1: Customers in need of a loan via MetaPeso must access the system’s official application. You’ll need a stable internet connection and an Android smartphone.

Step 2: Download the app, set up the displayed data on your phone, and access the app by opening it and registering for a loan.

Step 3: Select the “I want to borrow money” section for the system to confirm the request via your phone number. Input the complete and accurate OTP code sent to your mobile.

Step 4: Customers requiring a loan must provide all necessary information in the profile, including basic details such as name, date of birth, ID number, bank account details, and reference phone number.

Step 5: Upload clearly captured images, ensuring good lighting and avoiding corners being cut off.

Step 6: Advisory staff will contact the customer to propose loan options. Listen to the information and choose the suitable service. Confirm the loan through an electronic contract.

The entire loan process at MetaPeso encompasses these 6 steps. Upon meeting the requirements for authenticating official documents, loan approval occurs within 30 minutes of registration. All information provided on the form is securely encrypted by the system. The app guarantees there will never be any issues with customer information leakage.

Reviewing the Outstanding Advantages of MetaPeso

It’s no coincidence that MetaPeso has become the destination for many customers. A series of exceptional advantages help explain this phenomenon:

  • Meeting financial needs “anytime, anywhere.”
  • No requirement for customers to provide collateral assets.
  • Approval of profiles based on valid identification documents.
  • Clear loan contracts for customer reference.
  • Application of the lowest market interest rate support plan.
  • Fulfillment of security criteria through information encryption technology.
  • Commitment to not disclose any confidential information to relatives or friends.

MetaPeso is one of the systems that swiftly and conveniently processes loan applications. Hopefully, the content in this article has provided you with a better understanding of this service. Feel confident in quickly registering your loan information to address financial needs. You’ll receive professional and dedicated advisory service from the staff.