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If traditional bank loans are usually preferred when you need a large capital and a long-term borrowing period, then borrowing money through an app is the optimal choice for consumer loans. You won’t have to spend time on bank approval or collateral when borrowing money through an app. And Kreditzy is the place that helps users do that.

What is Kreditzy?

Kreditzy, also known as, is a brand that supports users in borrowing money online through an app or website. Here, all loan-related activities are conducted online. Users do not need to go directly to complete procedures or provide personal income proof.

All steps are carried out through mobile devices with extremely simple procedures. This convenience is what makes Kreditzy a popular choice for many individuals today.

Currently, this financial organization offers customers loans through their website and app, without a business license or specific address. Therefore, if you have a need for a loan and want to choose Kreditzy, you need to be aware of the high interest rates.

Detailed Information about Kreditzy Loan Package

To accurately determine if Kreditzy is suitable for your needs, let’s dive into the details of this loan package.

The loan limit provided by Kreditzy for customers is ₹200,000. However, the condition is that you need to borrow for the second time. And to borrow again, it is mandatory to fully settle the previous debt.

Loans at Kreditzy do not incur any fees. But if borrowers are late in making payments, penalty fees will be activated and applied. In the case of multiple loans, the limit will gradually increase. This is a benefit reserved for loyal customers of Kreditzy.

Requirements for Loan Applicants

If you have a need to borrow money from Kreditzy, you must meet the following requirements:

Customers from any occupation are eligible for loans. Ensuring customers have a stable source of income. Above 22 years of age. Currently residing and working in India. Clear and valid identification document (ID card) with a valid expiration date. Some related documents are not mandatory. Registered SIM card with more than 20 contacts in the phonebook. Having a personal bank account for receiving and making loan payments.

Advantages of Kreditzy You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s not by chance that Kreditzy is loved by users. All thanks to the outstanding advantages that the app possesses:

High loan approval rate

Up to 80% of applications are approved for disbursement as long as the above requirements are met. This approval rate is extremely high compared to other financial companies or banks.

No need for third-party guarantee

To ensure increased borrower trust, most loan applications at financial companies nowadays require third-party verification. Related questions about the borrower are directed to the third party. This process not only takes time but also creates difficulties for borrowers who are reluctant to involve multiple parties. Understanding this, Kreditzy does not require third-party guarantees for its customers’ loans.

Trial loan policy

Each customer who comes to Kreditzy is allowed to have a trial loan once. The interest rate for this loan is 0%. However, the limitation of this trial loan is that the loan amount is very low. Borrowers also only have 7 days to fully repay the loan. If overdue, penalties will be imposed. After the trial loan, customers will have the flexibility to choose a loan package that suits them best.

Diverse Payment Methods

Kreditzy offers four payment methods for customers:

  1. Traditional banking: Customers can deposit money at bank branches or use online banking services. Kreditzy supports users with all state-owned banking systems. It is recommended to choose banks that offer free transactions to maximize cost savings.
  2. Transaction points: Customers can make payments at designated transaction points.
  3. E-wallet: Payments can be made using electronic wallets.
  4. Postal service collection: Customers can utilize postal service collection for payments.

Penalty Fee Regulations

Currently, Kreditzy has not provided specific information about penalty fees for late payments. The severity of the penalty fee depends on the number of days the customer is overdue. Penalties are lighter for less than 15 days and higher for over 15 days.

In case a borrower incurs penalties, their future loan applications may be rejected. Typically, the penalty fee does not exceed 5% of the principal loan amount.

The above information provides the basic details about Kreditzy for interested customers. If it suits your needs, you can refer to it and proceed accordingly.

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