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FlashLoan is known as the earliest financial institution established in Zambia. This app provides flexible loans, helping customers quickly and conveniently access the money they need.

Established in 2023, FlashLoan is recognized as one of the early players in the Zambian financial lending market. The app currently supports customers with flexible loan options and a simple application process. Consequently, the number of customers turning to this app continues to increase. As of the present time, FlashLoan has become a company with a significant registered capital and has been operating for one year.

The app operates with the goal of ensuring customer rights, providing quality services, and offering a comfortable experience for everyone. It supports customers with various loan options and quick, time-saving procedures.

All loan information is detailed and clear in the contract. Customers can thoroughly review before deciding to sign the loan agreement. The app always ensures transparency and openness in all matters.

Customers wishing to receive financial assistance from the app need to meet basic criteria: being 18 years or older, a Zambian citizen working within the country, maintaining a minimum monthly income of K1000, and providing clear personal information.

Additional Conditions to Ensure Successful Loan Approval

With the criteria mentioned above, customers only ensure an 89% approval rate for their applications. Consequently, your contract might still be rejected if it only meets the basic conditions.

To enhance the chances of a successful application at FlashLoan, customers should pay attention to certain factors regarding income documentation provided in the contract. Specifically:

  • Provide pay stubs for the last 2 months up to the time of loan application.
  • Submit bank account statements for the last 2 months.
  • Personal insurance contract.
  • Electricity bill payments.
  • Registration documents for a car or motorcycle if applicable.
  • Loan contracts from other financial apps if applicable.
  • Bank credit cards if available.

Customers need to ensure that the personal information provided in the application is accurate and detailed. Alongside this, a minimum stable income of at least K1000 is crucial. These are essential grounds for your application to be approved.

For cases involving bad debts or an unstable income, financial support through the app will not be available. Therefore, you should be cautious of these factors when seeking financial assistance from FlashLoan.

What types of loans does the app offer?

FlashLoan currently supports customers with various types of loans. The loans available here range from K1000 to K20,000. This is a fairly substantial borrowing limit that caters to diverse customer needs.

Depending on individual credit scores, each customer will qualify for different loan amounts. For the initial borrowing, the limit will be lower compared to subsequent ones. The service fees to finalize the contract will be determined based on each customer’s borrowing limit.

The loan duration on the app ranges from 6 to 13 months, with an interest rate of approximately 24% per year. This interest rate is relatively high. However, the app supports customers with monthly installment payments. Consequently, both the principal amount and the interest will decrease gradually with each payment. This helps alleviate the pressure on customers regarding their loans.

The Advantages of Borrowing Money through the App

It’s no coincidence that this app has a large customer base. People trust and choose FlashLoan for its outstanding advantages, such as:

  • Credibility and transparency: FlashLoan is currently a reputable and quality online lending platform. The loan contracts provide comprehensive and clear information, ensuring specific transparency in terms, loan details, interest rates, and repayment terms.
  • Dedicated and professional support: Customers borrowing money through the system receive dedicated and professional assistance from advisors. Any difficulties or issues encountered are promptly and effectively addressed without compromising the customer service experience.
  • Simple and swift borrowing procedures: Customers don’t need to prepare complex procedures. Just providing sufficient personal information and some related documents is enough to pass the loan application evaluation.
  • Customer information security: Your information is protected and absolutely not shared with third parties to ensure privacy and safety.

FlashLoan is a highly trusted financial app at present. It has provided financial support to thousands of customers nationwide. The quick and simple procedures bring optimal assistance to customers.