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Online lending is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, with many customers choosing this option. One standout platform is CashDoor. But is CashDoor’s online lending solution really worth considering? Let’s take a detailed look at this lending solution to make an informed decision when facing financial difficulties.

Introduction to CashDoor

CashDoor is essentially an online lending platform, offering a financial solution for customers in need of urgent loans. As a customer, you can easily apply for and receive a loan online via the CashDoor app, available on Android, iOS, and desktop.

You can borrow between ₦8,000 and ₦100,000 through this platform, with disbursement typically taking around two hours after completing the application process. What’s more, customers from any location within Nigeria can receive fast loan support.

Detailed Evaluation of CashDoor Lending Solution

A detailed evaluation of the CashDoor lending solution is necessary for all first-time customers, as this solution primarily offers online lending support. Let’s dive deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of this lending solution.

Evaluation of Advantages

CashDoor is not a new online lending app in the Nigeria financial market. In fact, it has been a go-to platform for many Nigeria customers for a long time, proving that this lending solution is popular. This is because the solution possesses many advantages that can bring attractive benefits to borrowers, including:

  • This lending solution helps customers quickly solve financial difficulties they are facing. As noted, once the loan application process is completed, the disbursement time is very fast. At the latest, within 24 hours, borrowers will receive the loan amount in their account for their borrowing purposes.
  • This solution allows customers to apply for loans online 100%. Every customer in need of a loan only needs to access the CashDoor website to complete the application process as instructed. No need to prove income or provide collateral. Instead, only a few pieces of information are required for loan approval, and there is no need for face-to-face meetings.
  • This solution ensures the safety of customers when they need urgent loans. There are no cases of customers being scammed or their personal information being leaked. In particular, all information related to the loan is always publicly available and transparent.
  • In addition, borrowers are also provided with loan advice and payment reminders.

Overall, the CashDoor lending solution offers attractive advantages for customers in need of urgent loans.

Evaluation of Disadvantages

Borrowing money through CashDoor is a solution that has many advantages. However, it’s important to note that this solution also has some limitations. Specifically, the standout limitations are:

  • This lending solution only has a maximum limit of ₦100,000.
  • The solution has a short lending period, with a maximum of 30 days.
  • This solution also requires customers to pay higher interest rates than borrowing from a bank.

Therefore, in reality, you should only turn to this solution when you are stuck with expenses and cannot borrow from those around you or a bank. In particular, this solution will only be suitable when you need to borrow a small amount of money. Therefore, it’s best to carefully consider your own conditions to make an appropriate choice.

Notes When Borrowing Money at CashDoor

Borrowing money at CashDoor is quite simple and easy. Therefore, many customers have proceeded with loan procedures without much consideration. However, according to experts, if you are a customer, you should pay attention to the following notes:

  • Only borrow money at CashDoor when it’s really necessary. Absolutely do not borrow money for wasteful spending. Also, if you don’t need money urgently or can still borrow from a bank, you should go to the bank to borrow.
  • When deciding to borrow money, you need to calculate your ability to repay. You should grasp the interest rate for your loan at CashDoor, then calculate the interest rate and monthly income to ensure your ability to repay. You should not borrow an amount that exceeds your income situation.
  • You need to be aware of the payment term to avoid falling into the situation of being labeled as a bad debt member. This is because you will face many difficulties in borrowing money in the future. In case of any unexpected incidents, you need to contact for advice and handling.


Above are the detailed evaluations of the loan solution at CashDoor. You can refer to them to confidently make a decision whether or not to borrow money on this online lending platform.

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    Have paid back the loan I collected into your sterling bank account but it not reflecting and have been trying to contact your costumer care but I can’t find the number

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    Pls I’m having challenge with cash door

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